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Get a Wide Range of Organic Products with Anevshan Farms

Are you looking for a reliable company that will provide you with healthy foodstuffs at a pocket-friendly budget? If yes, then you are on the right platform as here you can find the information about which provides high-quality products.

Overview of Anevshan :

Anveshan Farms company is known to provide quality control in every food item. We are offering fully natural, free of preservative food items. Here people can find a wide variety of organic, pure, and natural foodstuff. We do have the list of customers who are gully satisfy with our services of food products.

Our company was started in 2019 and the focus of our company is to offer farm-fresh and healthy products. We always keep in mind the need of every family from the entire process ( partnership with farmers, the packaging process, and shipping process also).

Anveshan Farms
Anveshan Farms

Products manufactured by Anveshan

However, this company is known to provide the best and organic food items. Let’s explore a few products, take a look at the same:

A2Vedic Hallikar Cow Ghee-  To make this ghee the ancient bilona technique and this method are known to convert A2 milk into curd. And it is available only for 845-900 Rs.

 Groundnut Oil–  One of the common issues that every family is facing is Cholesterol and the use of natural oil is the best way to reduce the same. So people must use Groundnut Oil and it is very good for cholesterol.  People must utilize the same in the regular diet as it has high-quality antioxidants. It is also very affordable and anyone can buy this. It’s the price is 400-500 Rs.It has got 10 ratings.

Multi Floral Honey– it mostly comes in 500 gm and this honey comes from a beekeeper’s honey and you can find the same with extra nutrients as compared to other honey. It comes under 229- 300 Rs.

Then there is organic honey – Multi Floral Honey.

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There are some other products also like:

  • Pumpkin seed – these seeds are organic
  • AnveshanLakdi Ghani Traditional Oil is the other organic product that is highly in demand.
  • Himalayan spice jars Combo is the most preferred product.

How to contact us

It is very simple to get in touch with us. You can find us on different social media platforms like:

There are various emails to tell us your quarries like business related quarries, please drop an email on

For customer quarry, you can contact us through customer@anveshan.farmand other quarries can be sorted out on

There are also rewards for the customers such as

  • If you will refer any of your friends then you will get a 10% off coupon.
  • By spending more than ₹300.00 (NOT FOR COD) or creating an online account you will gain 100 points.

To add on, the traceability of every proud is very simple and you can find the process on the official website of the Anveshan. Therefore, it is very simple to understand why people should buy products from this company. It’s quite obvious that organic products are quite healthy so don’t worry to get the same as we are here for you.

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